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Krish Mohip, CEO of the Youngstown City School District, offers some weekly highlights about what's happening in the school district. 
We've begun a new initiative we call five-week reviews. A new tool that will now be a staple in the 5-Week Review is called a BAG report, which stands for Behavior, Attendance and Grades.

The new Chief Information Officer worked in collaboration with the information department (data and technology) and led the development of the BAG report in a way that provides data directly to our schools. Collected and distributed through Illuminate Education, a data storage software system. The BAG report delivers up-to-date suspension data, current grades and the numbers of student tardies and absences.

The school leadership use this information to compile a Five-Week Review of data. Collectively they look at reasons why students are acting out or performing poorly and what interventions have been undertaken to address those issues. These reviews track the numbers of in-school and out-of-school suspensions, numbers of students with D’s or F’s, numbers of tardies and absences, the percentage of teachers who are getting feedback on their instruction and even progress toward the goals set in my three-year strategic plan.

The plans put a priority on attendance and aim to engage students to attend school daily and to come prepared to learn.

A big part of determining the reasons for a student’s problems involves the district’s four attendance intervention specialists assigned to the schools. These specialists with backgrounds in youth development and parent engagement provide insight into the reasons students are absent. They also link students and families with the best resources for needed support.

We are developing a district-wide committee focused on increasing student attendance. That committee will include students, teachers, administrators, parents and school support staff.

At the end of five weeks, the building leadership at each school meet to review that data. This marks the end of the first five-weeks since we implemented the new instrument. As the principals and DOTs calculate how the schools performed in the categories, they will set goals for the next five-week period. If a school saw an average 94 percent attendance during the first five weeks, for example, they might set 96 percent as the goal for the next five weeks.

All of this is designed to identify problems early and determine what interventions are effective so we can ensure our children are positioned for success. We’re also sharing this information with parents/guardians and the students themselves when applicable.
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