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McGuffey partners with resources in the community including the following organizations.  Examples of collaborative activities are given:

Y.M.C.A. of Youngstown -- Provides weekly "Gym and Swim" lessons with an emphasis on sportsmanship and cooperation for classes of students with disabilities. Y.M.C.A. also provides transportation to the downtown facility.  

Youngstown State University -- Dozens of Y.S.U. students complete student teaching and lab classes here.  Additional Y.S.U. students generously give their time to enhance McGuffey events.  At right, Y.S.U. cheerleaders and mascots join principal, Mrs. Dorbish at a McGuffey rally for academic effort.

The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County -- Children's' librarians visit McGuffey bringing a fresh perspective to daily story time.  They are invited to visit classrooms to describe library programs.  In return, teachers encourage students to obtain library cards and use the library to complete homework.  The West branch of the library is located on the same block as McGuffey, making field trips to the library easy.
Humility of Mary Health Partners -- Several times a year, the mobile dental clinic from HMHP parks in front of the school. This dental clinic staffed with a team of dentists and hygienists provides oral exams, teeth cleanings, sealants, tooth extraction, fillings, dental x-rays and more.  A child’s dental care is provided quickly without the need to miss school, and low-income families receive help with costs.
The William Holmes McGuffey Historical Society -- The Historical Society lobbied to have a school named for famous educator W.H. McGuffey, who grew up in Youngstown.  Since our school's dedication they have been invaluable friends, donating the school sign and plaques, and holding a yearly assembly honoring local historical figures.
The Diagnostic and Evaluation Clinic -- Provides counseling services here at the school for clients of their testing and counseling center.  "Camp Challenge" is an program at McGuffey that focuses on building personal character traits.
Juvenile Justice Center -- Sponsors our football and basketball league.
United Methodist Community Center --  The Family Readiness Center has an office in every city school, including McGuffey. It provides case management to students and their families who experience multiple barriers that hinder academic success. School personnel make all referrals to the Family Readiness Center for physical needs, like an inability to afford eyeglasses, loss of utilities, need for counseling, etc.  Our Family Readiness counselor is Mr. D. C. Colvin. 
 Ohio State University Extension Service -- "Good Natured Garden Partners" is a collaboration with schools and youth programs.  Students form a "growing team".  These teams will plant a garden and then compete for prizes and recognition at the end of the summer.
Hands On of the Valley Volunteer Network -- "Project More" connects special education students with mentors who tutor students. 
Kiwanis of Youngstown- Provide an opportunity for students to build positive relationships with one another and the community by being a part of K-Club
Quaglia Leadership-   Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and putting into practice the conditions that foster student aspirations in schools and learning communities around the world.
D&E counseling Service- Offering in school counseling services to students through one on one and family counseling. 
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