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The DATA Department is a multi-faceted division of the administrative services of the district that will support and assist all schools, departments, and stakeholders with the necessary data and data processing services to measure and gauge improvement. 

 Some specific department functions include, but are not limited to:

·         Processing of interim reports and report cards

·         Processing transcripts

·         Provide reports, spreadsheets, and documentation of the data contained in the Student Information System – DASL/Progress Book

·         Provide direction, training and guidance to the district staff as it pertains to entering student enrollments, withdrawal, transfers etc.,  using the Student Information System – DASL/Progress Book

·         Provide spreadsheets and reports to the Testing department for statewide testing criteria such as the  Stanford Achievement Test, Ohio Graduation Test and the Ohio Achievement Assessment

·         Provide direction, training, guidance and maintenance to the building staff for scheduling students into courses using the Student Information System - DASL

·         Provide secure login information for district staff as it pertains to accessing the Student Information System – DASL/Progress Book/EMAIL

·         Provide and maintain current district staff assignments as it relates to the Ohio Educational Directory housed by ODE

·         Represents the district for train the trainer sessions and meetings provided by the Information Technology Center

·         Enrollment data verifications as requested by various departments

·         Warehouse requisitioning

Established by law in 1989, the Education Management Information System (EMIS) provides the standards for reporting data to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  EMIS is the statewide data collection system for Ohio’s primary and secondary education. There are four major functions of EMIS:
      ·         State and Federal Reporting

·         Funding and Distribution of Payments

·         Academic Accountability System

·         Generates Statewide and District Reports 

The EMIS Supervisor oversees the data that is collected in the Student Information System called DASL/Progress Book. The data collected is mandated by ODE through the EMIS guide.  That data is reviewed and maintained for corrections relating to errors and compliancy as required.  The EMIS Supervisor will work with various departments such as the Data Department, the Testing Department, the Curriculum Department, the Student Services Department, the Special Education Department and the Treasurers department to ensure the information being reported to the state is accurate and is completed in a timely manner.  Timelines for reporting data to ODE are defined as reporting periods.  There are four major functions required to report the data to ODE during the required reporting periods:

      ·         Data Collection and Extraction

·         Data Submission

·         Data Verification

·         Data Correction

ODE collects, analyzes, and reports data to a variety of audiences, such as policymakers, educators, administrators, and the general public via EMIS.  At the end of each reporting period, accountability data is posted to the ODE’s Secure Data Center for analysis by various school district personnel.   

Tyrone Olverson
Chief Academic Officer
Office Phone: (330) 744-6917

Kari King

EMIS Supervisor
Office Phone: (330) 744-7970

Fax: (330) 744-8580

Teri Giles
Data Secretary
Office Phone: (330) 744-6990
Fax: (330) 744-8580

Justine Vagas

Data Secretary
Office Phone: (330) 744-6994
Fax: (330) 744-8580
Michelle Mirich
Office Phone: (330) 744-6995
Fax: (330) 744-8580
Cindy Woloschak
Systems Specialist
Office Phone: (330) 744-7971
Fax: (330) 744-8580
Patty Trell
Testing Coordinator
Office Phone: (330) 744-6954
Fax: (330) 744-8580
Michelle Palmer
Testing Secretary
Office Phone: (330) 744-6992

Fax: (330) 744-8580

20 W. Wood Street    Youngstown, OH 44503    330.744.6900
20 W. Wood Street | Youngstown, OH 44503 | 330.744.6900
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