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Entry & Exit Procedures


1.    Student referral is made by parents, administrators, teachers, or other educational staff.

2.    A PHLOTE (Primary Home Language Other Than English) Survey is obtained and sent to the Intensive English Office.

3.    A Language Assessment instrument is used to test the student in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension.

4.     An Action Team meeting is held and test results are explained to the parents and placement options are recommended.


1. A student scores an overall level 3 Proficient Level on the OELPA.
  • An overall level 3 of Proficient Level is obtained by getting any combination of 4’s or 5’s on the OELPA as a result of the Proficiency Levels obtained on the individual testing domains. 
  • The following year, the student is mainstreamed into regular classes. 
  • The Intensive English staff will monitor the student to ensure success in the classroom. 
Note: K-2 are eligible to exit the EL Program if they receive a performance level of Proficient. This was not the case under OTELA. Trial Mainstream is only used for programmatic and funding purposes. Trial Mainstream students cannot exit the EL Program. Trial Mainstream students are those who score at level 3 on one test and score any combination of 4’s and 5’s on the remaining tests. These students will still continue to receive services and supports. 


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