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Youngstown Early College - poem by Dominique Patterson 2016
YEC is the school you see
That helps us reach our victory
Teaches us to hold our head up high
Tells us to reach for the sky
Going for the Associates Degree
Helps us reach our destiny
It is tough and kind of rough
But it gets better, just wait and see
Don't drop out; it's the place to be
No matter what you are going through
People here will help see you through
Just hold on it's a bumpy ride
But when it's done you'll be able to really strive
Don't be scared to push yourself
And YEC will surely help
Written by Dominqe Patterson, Class of 2016  09/15/14 
20 W. Wood Street    Youngstown, OH 44503    330.744.6900
20 W. Wood Street | Youngstown, OH 44503 | 330.744.6900
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