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Special Education Action Team

Special Education Action Team Guidelines and Procedures

Team Members: General Education Teacher, Principal, School Psychologist, Special Education Supervisor, Building Intervention Specialist

Frequency of Meetings: Once per month or as determined to be appropriate by building team

The Special Education Action Team (SEAT) is a building-level team. The purpose of this multidisciplinary team is to oversee the processing of referrals for special education evaluation. This team will also review and verify that all paperwork required to proceed with an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) is completed. As the Positive Student Support Team (PSST) in each building addresses students’ behavioral and academic concerns, suspected disabilities may arise due to lack of response to intervention. When this occurs, the PSST will compile a referral packet (according to the guidelines attached) and submit this packet to the SEAT for review.

**Important note: The day of review by the SEAT is the day a suspected disability is present. The 30-day timeline for action begins.

Once submitted and reviewed, one of two actions will occur:

If the referral packet compiled by the PSST does not include all documentation (as indicated in the guidelines attached), the referral for evaluation will be denied. The reason(s) for denial will be provided to the PSST. The SEAT will develop a Prior Written Notice (PR-01) to provide to the parent outlining why a suspected disability is not present at that time. A copy of this PR-01 will be kept with the student’s PSST file.

The PSST is then encouraged to make corrections to the referral packet, offer additional interventions to the student, provide additional documentation, or complete any other action recommended by the SEAT as outlined in the denial letter. The referral packet may then be re-submitted to the SEAT for consideration at the next SEAT meeting date.


The SEAT will approve a referral packet for a student suspected of having a disability if all guidelines for referral compilation are followed. Once approved, the SEAT will create the ETR Planning Form and deliver the referral packet to the Office of Special Education where the packet will be processed. A set of paperwork, as required by the YCSD and the State of Ohio to move forward with Evaluation Team Report (ETR) will be forwarded to the school. This packet will consist of an Evaluation Planning Form, Consent for Evaluation (PR-05), Prior Written Notice (PR-01), Background questionnaire, Medicaid Form, Release of Information, etc...

**It is imperative that this packet be completed by the parent as soon as it is received at the building. The district has 30 days from the date of suspected disability (date of SEAT review) to obtain parent signature for evaluation. Once parent permission to evaluate is obtained, the packet is to be immediately delivered to the school psychologist in the building to begin the evaluation.

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