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The visual arts program offers students comprehensive art experiences with detailed explorations. This is a duel credit class associated with both your H.S. and college transcripts. In the class scholars will work with and in such concepts as painting, drawing, graphic design, history, analysis, interpretation of art, and creation of own art. Fundamentally, learning in art has four major components. The goal of art education is the development of these areas: *by making art (art production); *by responding to and making judgments about the properties and qualities that exist in visual forms (art criticism); *by acquiring knowledge about the contributions artists and art make to culture and society (art history); *by understanding the nature, meaning, and value of art (aesthetics).

CLASS GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS 1. Be prepared for class every day. 2. Be to class on time. 3. Listen to and follow directions – ask questions. 4. Respect the people, equipment and furnishings in the art room. Get permission to use other’s materials. 5 Use your time wisely – stay on task and work towards project and assignment objectives. 6. Work quietly – use appropriate language and have appropriate conversations. 7. Be responsible for work area and tools – clean up after yourself! 8. Focus on your strengths to accomplish objectives.

ASSESSMENT Assessment is the process of judging in terms of criteria that meets the expected learning outcomes. Students show evidence of learning the main ideas of the lesson being taught are reached and shows student’s progress. Each assignment will have its own criteria.

Grading scale 92-100% A 85-91% B 74-84% C 65-73% D 64 and below F

EXTRA CREDIT Extra credit may be earned by creating original works of art. There is a limit of 5 possible works that can be created. A maximum of 15pts per extra work of art can be earned. Extra credit must be turned in the week before grades are finalized for each 9 weeks.

DUE DATE & LATE POLICY Due dates given at the beginning of the lesson are approximate. When we start working for a few days the due date for each project will be set. The due date is the time all work in on the project stops and the assignment must be turned in. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPPTED! If you are absent the day before or the day of grading you have till one day after you return.

STUDENT / PARENT or GUARDIAN SIGNATURES The art syllabus and curriculum must be signed and dated by a parent or guardian and the student returned. This process will ensure that the student and parent or guardian will have a clear understanding of what the objectives, expectations, and assessments for this course. Thank you, Mr. Snyder. A copy of this syllabus is posted on the district web page under my web page, along with a list of class assignments

______________________________________ Student signature Parent or Guardian signature ___________________________________ __________ ____ initial here if I can have permission to use photos of your child's artwork on the district website.

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Projects 9th grade Y.E.C.
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