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Educational Technology Department
Welcome to the Educational Technology pages of the Youngstown City Schools. Our department is responsible for purchasing, installing, implementing, supporting, and maintaining technology throughout the Youngstown City School District.

The goal of the educational technology department is to provide an enhanced learning environment through the implementation of sound planning, support and the establishment of a stable infrastructure.
RFP's/Additional Information
Refer to the online 470 and submit your bid BEFORE the allowable contract date deadline listed in the 470.  Bids are due on that date with no extensions.  
Responses to Service Provider questions:

1.  Please provide all addresses associated with the need for service.  We will need to know these in order to properly determine if we can provide service, and to properly price out the products.

Click here for Building Addresses.

2.  Are you seeking a Head End Internet connection to be distributed to each of the other 17 locations?  And if so, are you seeking this to be an “any  to any”, “multipoint to multipoint” connectivity environment?

We are seeking a head-end solution; however, you would have to provide all connectivity to the locations.  Our BOE serves as our head end with eight sites hanging off of it.  We have an additional nine sites that hang off of those eight.  Click here for Network Diagram

3.  Are you currently in an existing competitive contract?


4.  Are you seeking a homogenous “HEAD-END” environment consisting of 1GB connectivity from all remote locations to the BOE Head-End? If so, do you anticipate more than 10GB of peak traffic to that Head-End at any time? This will help us configure the most appropriate port speed at the head-end.

Yes. We do not anticipate more than 10GB of peak traffic.

5.  Are you seeking a replacement ISP connection to that Head-End? If so, do you have a bandwidth estimate in mind (e.g. 10GB)?

Yes, 10GB should be adequate.

6.  It appears that a PORT based solution will suffice in that Youngstown will provide your own VLAN tags over these connections is this correct?


7.  Will the Warehouse and Bus Garage also require 1GB in connectivity or will 10MB (for example) suffice?

That location does not require 1GB. 10MB should suffice.

IMPORTANT!  Check back for pertinent service provider emailed questions and answers, which will be posted here.  
NOTE:  In order for your bid response to be valid, you must:
1.  In your correspondence, reference the E-Rate 470 number and service you are interested in - NO MARKETING SPAM, PLEASE!
2.  Include any miscellaneous monthly charges/fees, start-up fees, and ALL costs associated with the service.
3.  Provide prices broken down into categories:  E-Rate eligible or ineligible.  
4.  Submit all bids electronically before the allowable contract dates shows on the E-Rate 470.
5.  Email questions/bids to:         [email protected]
     and copy:                                    Genie.N[email protected] 
6.  Agree to provide accurate billing and account information in a timely fashion and in an acceptable, user-friendly format when the district requests it.  
IMPORTANT! Check back for pertinent service provider emailed questions and answers, which will be posted here.
Manager of Educational Technology
Genie Natale
Phone:  330-744-6978
[email protected] 
Educational Technology Department Secretary
Patti Horvath
Phone: 330-744-6986
Fax: 330-744-2056
[email protected]
Technology Integration Specialist 
Tiffaney Trella
Phone:  330-742-2213
[email protected]
Lead Technician
John Hopkinson
Phone:  330-744-7922 
[email protected]  
20 W. Wood Street    Youngstown, OH 44503    330.744.6900
20 W. Wood Street | Youngstown, OH 44503 | 330.744.6900
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