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Using a Planner

A planner is a great organizational tool for a student to use. All students have been given a planner and are encouraged to carry and use them in each of their classes every day. Thinking ahead to high school, and especially college, our students' schedules are going to become full of activites, sports, assignments, tests, and projects. It will become increasingly difficult for students to remember everything they have to do, and using a planner is a great way to keep all of their daily activities and assignments organized. A planner does not have to be fancy or expensive. Many of our students this year have been using a planner like the one below. The paper is simply printed and inserted in a 3-prong folder. 
  Sunday  MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday
 Pg. 30
 Study for test
 Finish notes
 English  Vocab  Finish reading book  
 Technology    Brochure   
 SocStudies     Study for test  Study for test Test 
 Science Work on project  Work on project  Work on project  Work on project Project Due  
Students are encouraged to carry their planner with them at all times while in school. Assignments are to be written down at the end of each period. Students should also write any tests or projects they have due and schedule time to study and work on those projects. Click here to download a printable planner template like the one above. 

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