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Our Vision:
Mission Statement

McGuffey Elementary School will not rest until we all become independent thinkers and learners who radiate positive energy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Question: What supplies do students need?
   Answer:  Generally students need a pencil box
   or bag with at least 2 sharpened pencils, a pocket
   folder, and a spiral notebook.  A large pink
   eraser is helpful.  Individual classrooms may
   have additional age-specific needs.
 Question: Is there a uniform or dress code? 
   Answer:  Yes.  The dress code can be found on
   the Youngstown City Schools website at :
  Question: How much does a school lunch cost?
   Answer:  We offer each child a free lunch and breakfast daily. 
No proof of need or application is necessary. The monthly menu
is available at the district website www.ycsd.org.
  Question: How do I register?
   Answer:  Parents or legal guardians register students at the school office, located near our main entry door.  The district website lists documents needed here:  
                     Do students still say "The Pledge of Allegiance"? 

                    Do students still memorize math facts?

                    Can I designate adults allowed to pick up my child from school? 

Answer: Yes.  Please make sure you have added anyone that you designate your child to be picked up by to the emergency form in the office.
            How much are lunches?
            All Youngstown City Schools students are give a free lunch consisting of a balanced meal.  They also
             receive a healthy snack at least twice a week.
20 W. Wood Street    Youngstown, OH 44503    330.744.6900
20 W. Wood Street | Youngstown, OH 44503 | 330.744.6900
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