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Literacy Coaching
Each teacher in the district must work with a literacy coach in order to learn new tools and resources to help our students succeed.

Teachers meet with literacy coaches twice a month in small groups in order to plan instruction in addition to the once a month one on one in the class coaching. Areas of focus are writing, reading and phonics.
Math Coaches
Math coaches work in the classroom, rotating between teachers each grading period to help teachers learn and implement best practices in the classroom.  By having students use these new resources

Kindergarten students use math tools to experiment and find solutions with 3-D objects.
Literacy and Mathematics Coaches

Leading Continuous Improvement...
Coaches help our teachers implement effective instructional practices in several ways. They provide teachers with professional development sessions, model techniques in the classroom, and observe teacher instruction. 

 Later, they meet to help the teacher reflect on his or her performance. Then they may guide teachers as they plan instruction based on student needs, or help teachers gather data that illuminates just exactly what those needs are.
They help teachers to introduce Ohio's new standards for student learning, the expectations on which students will be tested.

 In the photo above, Mrs. Myers leads a 1st Grade reading group in Mrs. Miller's room.



To promote accelerated learning for our students, in the key subjects of math and literacy, each of our teachers must work with an
Instructional Coach.
Our Literacy Coaches are Mrs. Heather Myers, and Mrs. Lauren Olson-Sadlak. Our Math Coaches are Mrs. Deborah Erbs and Miss Kathy Kelly.
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