Attendance FAQ

Who is the Supervisor of Attendance?

The Supervisor of Attendance is Tracy Boyd.  She oversees the district’s attendance and truancy by overseeing the Attendance Intervention Specialists (AISs) and Educational Supports for Attendance (ESAs).  She oversees all court proceedings for truancy and monitors excessive absenteeism.  

Who are the Attendance Intervention Specialists and what do they do?

The AISs work with several buildings in our district each and oversee the facilitation of the attendance team meetings at each building on a weekly basis.  Each team meets to discuss the building’s attendance and tardy percentages for the week, month and year-to-date.  They complete attendance intervention assessments with families to help support those that have challenges or barriers that prevent students from coming to school each day.  They then bring that information to the attendance team who works to provide the families what they need, in order to get students to school.  Every week the team meets and they constantly monitor students who are approaching truancy and excessive absenteeism.  

Who are the Educational Supports for Attendance (ESAs) and what do they do?

The ESAs are the attendance clerks at each school.  They are the ones who ensure that student attendance is entered correctly each school day.  They track student absences and issue attendance letters based.  ESAs document reasons for students absences.  They make phone calls to homes to get reasons and/or verification for absences.  They issue tardy slips when needed.  

How is attendance different due to Ohio House Bill 410?

The most significant different for attendance since Ohio House Bill 410 is the change from days of absence to hours of absence.  Previously, absences were marked according to half days and full days.  Now, all attendance is tracked based on the number of hours student are in school.  A full description of the changes and FAQ’s associated with house Bill 410 can be found here.  A similar fact sheet can be found here.

What is an Attendance Intervention Assessment?

This assessment is used to collect relevant information around student absences and any barriers that exist in coming to school.  This document is used by the attendance team to create possible interventions for the student.  A blank assessment can be found here.

What is a Monitoring Letter?

This is the letter sent to families to notify them of the changes in the attendance policy and to let them know the procedures.  It is sent when the student reaches 16-18 hours of absence.  Here is a copy.

What is a Trigger Letter?

This is a notice to the student and family that the student is approaching the hour threshold of becoming excessively absent or truant.  Approaching this threshold is when our district decides to begin assessing and intervening.  An AIS will perform an attendance intervention assessment and bring it back to the attendance team at the building.  They will create a plan for intervention and discuss it with the family.  This will mark the beginning of the attendance intervention plan.  Here is a copy.

What is a Full Notice Letter?

This is a notice to the student and family that the student has crossed the threshold and has become truant or excessively absent according to Ohio House Bill 410.  At this point, the student needs to attend school on a regular basis and should show improvement in their attendance.  Failure to do so may result in further actions pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3321.  Here is a copy of the letter.

Are there Spanish versions available?

Yes, see below: Student Attendance Policy Spanish Monitoring Letter Spanish Trigger Letter Spanish Full Notice Spanish

Who is the AIS in my school?



Building(s) Assigned

Artis Henderson

  • Chaney,

  • REC,

  • Choffin,

  • Kirkmere

Loyra Hultquist

  • East,

  • Choffin,

  • YEC,

  • MLK

Steve Woodberry

  • MCHS,

  • McGuffey,

  • Volney,

  • Taft

Rachel Mitchell

  • Wilson,

  • Harding,

  • Williamson,

  • Bunn

Who is the ESA in my school?





Tamkea Paramore


Patricia Martin


Kathryn Rimedio


Myrna Alejandro-Torres


Cleveland King


Anna Jean Conti


Joann Gavin


Wanda Peterson


Bridgette Bobonick


Vickie Bratton


Debbie Haustovich


Nancye Washington


Marisoli Rodemoyer


Charlene Hooten

  • Preschool