Teaching and Learning

The Teaching & Learning Department supports teachers in their acquistion of the knowledge and skills needed to deliver grade level content to "all" students though the use of the newly adopted YCSD Instructional Framework. Our curriculum content support is guided by Ohio’s New Learning Standards which is critical in development of the curriculum maps and pacing guides. The department facilitates the use of the District Assessment Matrix that aligns Ohio's Grade Level AIR and EOC State Assessments in all tested subjects.

Several new programs have been adopted and are being implemented at each building which are comprehensive programs to support the literacy and math needs of our students.  These programs align with Ohio’s New Learning Standards and integrate the most current teaching practices.  Each program embraces personalized, student-centered instruction in a blended computer based approach which has proven to significantly increase learning.

To explore more information on the programs, please see the sites below:




Rosetta Stone


McGraw Hill

Glencoe Math Grades 6-8

Glencoe High School Math



To aid students in credit recovery, APEX Courseware is used. APEX is used in a lab setting and provides supplemental online courses to accommodate the unique needs of our students who are falling behind in their course work.

To explore more information about APEX, please visit their site: 



Roxanne Lawson

Deputy Chief of Transformation
Harding and McGuffey

Michele McCaughtry

Deputy Chief of Transformation 
YEC, REC and Volney
Gifted Goordinator 

Kenya Sadler

Deptuty Chief of Transformation
PC Bunn, Taft and Wilson

Tracy Schuler -Vivo

Creative & Performing Arts Resource Coordinator
YCSD K-12 - Choffin

Bethany Flores Director of English Language Learners
YCSD K-12 - East Office - Room 58
Phone: 330-744-7848

Natalie Griffin

Secretary: ELL/Fine Arts/Parent Liaisons

Janet Donofrio 3rd Grade Guarantee and Early Literacy Specialists
YCSD K-3 - East Office - Room 58

Chief of Teaching and Learning
Transformation: Chaney and East High Schools

Christine Sawicki
Phone: 330-744-4170

Chief of Transformation - Elementary Schools
Shaheena Khan

Chief of Accountability and Assessment
Timothy Filipovich
Phone: 330-744-6980

Deputy Chief of Data
Greg Kibler
Phone: 330-744-7606 

Deputy Chief of School Improvement and Programs 
Amanda McGinnis
Phone: 330-744- 7606

Deputy Chief of Professional Development and Coaching 
Jaclyn Kruljac
Phone: 330-744- 6920

Deputy Chief of Early Literacy/IFS 
Connie Coburn
Phone: 330-744- 8599

Renita Dodson
Phone: 330-744-6973
Fax:  330-744-5297   
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