Treasurer's Office

Office of the Treasurer Youngstown City School District

Request for Proposals for Audit and Recommendations for Cost-Saving Strategies 

Mission Statement


Our mission is to establish and maintain fiscal credibility and provide accurate and timely financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and processing as a means of supporting all schools, offices, and personnel within our District as they endeavor to fulfill their respective missions.


Fiscal Procedures, Forms

and Guidelines


Requisition & Purchase Order Guide

Receipts and Bank Deposit Guide 

Vendor Request/Registration Forms

Pay-in Order Form

Student Activities Fund Guide

Student Activities Sales Project Report Form

Student Activities Budget Form

District Mileage Chart

Records Retention/Disposal Forms


Fax: (330) 744-5290
Sherry Tyson   
(330) 744-6964
Fiscal Accountant
Holly Airhart
(330) 744-5764 
Accounting Specialist 
Mark Williams
(330) 744-6962 
Office Support Secretaries
Anna Marie Meranto
(330) 744-6952
Deborah Taylor
(330) 744-6943 
Accounts Payable
Office Support Secretaries  
Beth Laberto
(330) 744-6913
Teresa Cruz
  • Preschool