Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

E-mail: Madonna.Barwick@youngstown.k12.oh.us


The purpose of the committees is to review the course work and other professional development activities proposed and completed by educators within the district to determine if the requirements for renewal of certificates or licenses have been met."

Master Teacher Powerpoint/Directions - Due April 13, 2018

Resource Guide for LPDC- July 2017 

LPDC Mission Statement, Vision Statement & By-Laws **Being Revised**

2019-2020 LPDC Members & Meeting Dates **Coming Soon**

LPDC Brochure

ODE Information & Important Links

OH/ID Portal -To sign-in to your account or create a new account

ODE Educator's Standards Board

Educator Search -To search your credentials, application status, background check, etc.

Ohio's 4 Tiered Licensure Structure


Contact the ODE for Licensure Questions:
Phone: 1.877.644.6338
Ask for the Office of Certification & Licensure
Choose "0" to speak with a licensure representative

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)

-All Certificated Personnel are required to create an IPDP on PDExpress upon entering the district or as soon as your new license is issued and prior to taking any further University Coursework and/or Professional Development Hours. 

-IPDP must align with District Goals: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and School Climate.
-IDPD must align with "Standards for Ohio Educators"-- Teachers, Principals, and Professional Development.
-"Ohio Standards for Professional Development" Booklet must be used when creating your IPDP.
-Your LPDC Folder will be helpful in guiding you through the process of creating an IPDP and renewing your Educator's License.


PDExpress Tutorial

How to Create an IPDP on PDExpress

Form: Revising My IPDP - Complete this form and send to the Mary Carter@LPDC Office, Room 126, East High School if you would like to add an additional goal/standard or change an existing goal/standard. Additions/Changes to your IPDP cannot be done thru PDExpress.

IPDP Review Response Sheet - This document includes the Holistic Checklist that committee members will be using to review submitted IPDPs- based on the newly updated "Ohio Standards for Professsional Development." You may want to use this as an additional tool in developing your IPDP.

Sample IPDP: Teacher Template 
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio Teacher Standards)

Sample IPDP: Administrator (Principal) Template  
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio Principal Standards)

Sample IPDP: School Counselor
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio School Counselor Standards)


PDExpress Link

Booklet: "Standards for Ohio Educators"

Booklet: "Ohio Standards for Professional Development" (Rev April, 2015) - This booklet replaces "Organizing for High Quality Professional Development"

Webinar Participation Form



The following forms are to be used after January 1, 2015. Previously approved and pre-approved EOAs will be honored. Only one (1) Job-Embedded/EOA Request per line item of listed activities will be permitted during the license cycle. A maximum of ninety (90) Job-Embedded/EOA Contact Hours will be permitted during the license cycle; remaining hours for license renewal must be taken as Graduate Credit or Professional Workshops/Conferences. Webinars have been added to the list of Job-Embedded/EOAs.


You will need to download and print the following three (3) "Job-Embedded/EOA" Documents to apply for a Job-Embedded/EOA:


Letter to Educators: Job Embedded Policy Changes

Job-Embedded/EOA Guidelines & Criteria List

Job-Embedded/EOA Activity Record

Job-Embedded/EOA Request Form

Webinar Participation Form


Consistently High Performing Teachers

The ODE has introduced a new option for renewing educator's licenses. The information and criteria needed are provided in the following links:

Consistently High Performing Teachers -Criteria and additional information for renewing educator's license using this option. (Form)

Senior Professional Educator & Lead Professional Educator Licenses -Information and criteria needed for licensing

ODE Master Teacher Designation - Information & Application

Contact Hours

Contact Hours (aka Clock Hours) can be used to renew your educator's license. 6 Semester Hours or 180 Contact Hours are needed to renew a current educator's license. 1 Semester Hour is equivalent to 30 Contact Hours. You can use both Contact Hours and University Credits for renewal purposes as long as you have a combined total equivalent to 6 Semester Hours.

Approved Providers List 

Contact Hour Certificates: Information Needed on Certificates

Educator License Renewal

The process for license renewal requires educators who are employed in the schools of Ohio to work with the LPDC in their district. Educators must have a pre-approved Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) approved by the LPDC BEFORE they take any professional development to renew their licenses. The professional development must align with the goals and objectives on their IPDP. Educators will need the equivalent of six semester hours of coursework to renew or transition to a five-year license.

Verification Form - Present to LPDC from another district

How to Renew Your License Online  - Click on user manual - P. 7 application
                                                    Youngstown LPDC IRN # 008898

License Renewal: Review/Response Sheet - The LPDC uses this form during the committee's review process of an educator's license renewal.

Video: How To Renew A License On The ODE Website

Educator's License "Renewal Packet"


If you will be renewing your educator's license during the 2018-2019 School Year, the Renewal Envelope will help guide you through the renewal process. Renewal Packets can be requested from the Human Resources Department by calling Kelly Fry at 330.744.7379 or via email: Mary.Carter@youngstown.k12.oh.us


Cover: License Renewal Envelope

Activity Record

Reflection Questions for Completed PD



ODE Verification Form Approval Verification Form for Educators Leaving a LPDC

FBI/BCI Background Checks: FAQs


All educators must have valid FBI/BCI Background Checks on file following ODE guidelines. In order for the issuance of an educator's license to be completed:

  1. The educator must complete the online renewal application and payment.
  2. The educator is responsible for maintaining current FBI/BCI Background Checks in accordance with these guidelines.
  3. The educator submits their completed "renewal packet" to their LPDC for approval via electronic signature.

Click here for additional information re: FBI/BCI Background Checks

How to Download Your New Educator's License

Click here for Directions on Downloading an Educator's License


As of November 2014, the ODE no longer mails "hard copies" of Educator License(s)- they are now issued electronically. Due to this change, we need to make changes to our procedures. Upon receipt of your electronic Educator's License, you will need to send a printed copy of each new license to the YCSD Department of Human Resources.

Next LPDC Meeting 

LPDC Facilitator
Patricia Lyden
PC Bunn ES
Phone: 330-744-5409

LPDC  Chair
Madonna Barwick 
Chaney HS 
Phone: 330-744-3210

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