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Organizational Talent and Leadership Development

Organizational Talent and Leadership Development

Chief Executive Officer

Justin M Jennings

Chief of Staff

Jeremy J Batchelor

Human Resources Coordinator

Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Coti Robinson
(330) 744-6926

 Human Resources Generalists

Francine Wilson
Phone: (330) 744-6927

Secretaries/Educational Assistants
Non-Certified Personnel

Debbie Caffey
Phone: (330) 744-6928

Health Insurance Coordinator
Leaves of absence

Rhonda Gianfrancesco
 Phone: (330) 744-6909 

 Certified Teachers/Administrators
Workers Compensation
PD Express

Georgianna Saunders
(330) 744-6952

Non-Certified Personnel
Public School Works 

General Receptionist 

Kathy Krusel
Phone: (330) 744-4672 

Records Secretary 

Loretta Sasinouski
 Phone:(330) 744-7379 


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