Human Resources

Department of Human Resources


Cheryl McArthur  - Chief of Human Resources 

Colleen Chamberlain
- Director of Human Resources

Lillian Greco - Assistant in Human Resources: Risk Manager - Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Claims Management - Benefits 

Mary Carter - Coordinator - Highly Qualified Teachers, LPDC, Master Teachers, OTES/OPES, Public Records, Closed School Records, Parchment

Human Resources Generalists

Francine Wilson

Phone: 330-744-6927

Secretaries/Educational Assistants

Non-Certified Personnel

Sarah Cruz-Banks

Phone: 330-744-6928 


Non-Certified Personnel


Cheri Sowers

 Phone: 330-744-6926 

Certified Teachers/Administrators 

Records Secretary 

Kelly Fry

 Phone: 330-744-7379





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