Resident Educator Program


Ohio House Bill 1, passed in July 2009, mandated a new licensure system for teachers in Ohio, that included a Resident Educator license effective by January 2011.

A four-year Resident Educator program of support and mentoring for new teachers will provide Ohio educators just entering the profession with quality mentoring and guidance essential for a long and flourishing career. Successful completion of the residency program will be required to qualify for a five-year professional educator license. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Youngstown City School District's Resident Educator Program is to provide a supportive learning environment, in which experienced and inexperienced new teachers understand instructional competencies, increase professional knowledge, and become contributing members of the professional community.

Year 1-2-3-4 Information & Resources

Year-by-year information and resources needed to complete program requirements can be found by clicking the desired year under the title "Resident Educator Program" in the column on the left side of your monitor.


Please check back often for any additions/changes to the program. All Resident Educators are responsible for maintaining their own records; it is advisable to secure these documents in a 3-ring binder. Use the "End of Year Checklist" to organize and sequence your documents.

Ohio Department of Education

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ODE Resident Educator Program News / Updates

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Mentor Application 2017-2018

PDF: Mentor Application 2017-2018  Please use this version if you will be submitting a handwritten copy.

Editable: Mentor Application 2017-2018 Please use this version if you will be completing the application "electronically."


Mentor REfresh Course

Designed to update Mentors trained prior to June, 2015 with changes to the Resident Educator Program. New Mentors attending RE Mentor Academy Day 1 and Day 2 will receive this information during their training sessions. RE Mentor Academy Day 1 and Day 2 replaces RE Training and Instructional Mentoring-1 Sessions.

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Link to: Mentor REfresh Course

Chief of Human Resources
Cheryl McArthur
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Resident Educator Coordinator
Deputy Chief of Data/
Deputy Chief of Transformation
Greg Kibler
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