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Managing the Award

Whether your grant/crowdfunding project is a school-level or district-level, you may need help in navigating the fiscal management and reporting requirements that your award brings with it.  


Guidelines and Protocol

  • All grants and awards accepted must be aligned with YCSD’s beliefs/philosophy.
  • YCSD reserves the right to determine if the grant is appropriate and may reject those it deems inappropriate.
  • All grant awards must have approval by the YCSD CEO.

Practical Steps

  • Contact all stakeholders involved and inform them of the grant/crowdfunding award and expectations. 
  • Align all activities and expenditures with stated goals, objectives and budgets of the grant proposal. Contact the School Improvement Office if you are uncertain if expenditure is allowable.
  • Use timelines.  Be prompt with all documentation and reports required by the grantor.
  • Forward copies of all grants and reports to the School Improvement Office.
  • Keep all documentation at your school site related to the grant on file for up to five years. (Copy in the School Improvement Office) 

Ava Yeager
Chief of School Improvement Programs
[email protected]

Amanda McGinnis
Grants & Special Project Coordinator
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Linda Wright
Administrative Specialist 
School Improvement Programs
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